Rell Sunn - the Queen of Makaha, the Heart of the Sea
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Rell Sunn Proposed Bronze Statue

During her relatively short life, Rell's generous spirit touched almost everyone she met. As the first female lifeguard in Hawaii, she saved many lives and was instrumental in developing women's professional surfing. As the founder of the Menehune Contest and a community leader, Aunty Rell dedicated herself to improving the lives of children, assisting senior citizens, and supporting breast cancer awareness. As an Ambassador of Hawaii, she spread aloha wherever she went. This memorial statue will be a timeless tribute to her warmth and grace.

By donating to this project, you will be supporting the mission of the Rell Sunn Educational Fund, which is committed to educating the public, especially children/young adults, about health and environmental issues. Like Duke's statue, locals and visitors from all over the world will be drawn to her memorial, which will also be a tribute to the Hawaiian people and culture she loved so much. There will be a plaque sharing Rell's story so children and visitors will be inspired to learn why she was known as the" Queen of Makaha" and the "Heart of the Sea"

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