Rell Sunn - the Queen of Makaha, the Heart of the Sea
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The Rell Sunn Menehune Surfing Championships Rare Photos Stories & Tributes

Rare Photos

The Original Menehunes, the surf contest for kids that Rell started in the late 70's
and still as big as ever all these years. In this photo is, from left to right, Rell's nephew Sam Fenwick,
John Richardson, Matthew Patterson, Todd Chesser, Mike Sabatini, and Jan Sunn.
Photo by Jeannie Chesser

A photo taken for The Surfers Journal

Mom and Daughter

Jan and Tony's daughter, Rell's Granddaughter, Kamalani, notice a resemblance?

Kamalani & Caiden Kaumana

Through the Looking Glass

'Kamalani talking to Grandma Rell...' Makaha 2004.

Jan at one of the first Menehune by Jeannie Chesser.
That's Jeannie's son, Todd Chesser surfing behind Jan.


Painting by Danvers Fletcher

Rell with her parents

The Makaha Group

Jan helping an injured surfer

Just another day in Paradise

Our Queen
Rell with Roberta and Sonja

Windsurfing with the girls

Rell and Sonja

Rell with Ulu and Sonja

Rell at home with Sonja and Roberta

Kamalani in her 'TIKI' Halloween costume.

and the girl could surf, too

More to come...